I like using periods, question marks, and explanation points. They each make sense if you put them in the right context sentence. I’m going to tell you when I like to put them in context.

I use periods when I am writing facts, stories, and sentences that don’t need any emphasis. For example “The girl walked to school.” There is nothing very exciting about that sentence so, period. Periods aren’t very exciting and they’re good for everyday sentences.

I also like using exclamation points! Exclamation points make people excited, scared, in awe, and they need a big reaction to the sentence. They bring a good amount of excitement and it makes the sentence or paragraph interesting. For example, “Bam! The door is slammed.” When I added the exclamation point I just might have cast a feeling. I was trying to go for fear. So exclamation points are useful to cast drama to a sentence.

The last one I use often is question marks. Question makes are used for when the sentence is asking a question. That’s why they are called question marks. Here is an example. “Did I do something wrong?” The character in the sentence is asking if they did something wrong and they are unsure so you put a question mark. So that’s when I like to use question marks. 

The punctuation mark that describes me is the exclamation mark. Exclamation mark describes me because I am a very happy person and have a lot of personality. I also like being around friends and I am happy. The exclamation mark is like a boost of Energy to the last word. And I like to think of myself as a person with a lot of mental Energy. Exclamation marks also seem fun or playful. I like to joke around. So exclamation marks describe me!

2 thoughts on “Personality Punctuation!

  1. Great job, Laurel! You made me wonder what type of punctuation I’d be! I think I’d probably be a question mark, although I’m not completely sure.

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