My daily habit for January was to focus on my breath for 1 minute each day. I chose this habit because I sometimes get overwhelmed with things and I just need a minute to calm down so I focus on my breath and it helps me calm down.

I realized that I was calmer during stressful times and after I breathed I felt better and could move on.Some challenges I faced was remembering on the weekend. During the weekend I would forget and then remember the next day.

This habit worked very well in January!

Now that it is February my class is doing another month of daily habits. We can choose to keep ours, change ours, or keep ours and add a new one! I am going to keep my breathing habit and add another one. The habit I am going to add is going outside for at least 10 minutes each day.

I am excited to do these two habits for February. Both are very important habits and I plan on doing them as much as I can!

Well thanks for reading! Hope to here from you. Have a good day!

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