Spring is near! I can’t wait until spring! I am not a big summer person. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love what comes with summer: pool, relaxing, camp, snacks, for me endless reading time, and of course no school work! So yeah I love what comes with summer, just not the weather. I mean I don’t like humidity! So yeah but that’s what I adore spring… the weather!

I mean I love the weather, no humidity and not scorching hot. It’s just when the buds are peeking out of the ground and the plants are starting to scatter color and the gentle breezes and of course the perfect temperature. Sorry my mind is wandering into spring heaven right now! Also this is one thing for me that I am torn about spring… the rain.

Well, I know rain is good for growing plants and keeping things alive but spring here is North Carolina gets a lot of rain. I mean I love curling up in my bed or armchair and reading listening to the rain but I think I speak for most people when I say I don’t like walking through it!

Another reason I think I like spring a lot is I also love fall too. I mean this is how I think of it, fall and spring are transition months. Summer and winter are opposites and yet fall and spring both are warm and cold. So in a way they are very similar. I also love both of the seasons because of color. Spring there is soothing pastel greens and bright yet light color palette yet in the fall there is yellow and orange and red and gold and all those colors.

So yeah I can not wait until spring! I hope you are like me and will appreciate some nice weather compared to a disappointing winter. I mean we got no snow. I mean Texas did!! Well, have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “It’s almost spring!

  1. This post is so joyful. I love it. When I read it, it makes me smile. I also love how you spread out all of your words. It makes it really easy to read and super fun to read. Good job (:

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