I love books. There are a couple types of book readers. There are people who don’t like to read or can’t focus on reading. There are people who will read for a bit longer then they have to. There are people who will read for a hour or so and there are people who will read every chance they can get!

I am a mix between hour or so and every chance I can get. I didn’t always love reading. I used to hate it. I would set a timer and when the timer went of for my school work I would stop. The reason is I wasn’t reading books that interested me. If I am reading a book I don’t enjoy I won’t read it very long and just get it done in a couple of weeks of reading for 30 minutes a day. I think the time I really started reading for a long time and enjoyed it was 4th grade. My mom had read a book series called Percy Jackson when she was a kid and recommend it to me. It was a five book series and it took me like 2-3 months to read. I don’t really remember. What I do remember is starting to search for good books and Percy Jackson got me started.

Last summer when the pandemic hit all my summer camps shut down. So I was home the whole summer and occasionally went to my grandparents lake house for day trips and friend’s pool. My parents didn’t let me watch TV all day and I couldn’t go anywhere so I turned to books. When I was in second grade my dad read me Harry Potter but I had never read it myself and I had forgotten a lot of information on the books so I started to read the series. It took me two weeks to read the whole series each book took me about two days to read and they are 700 page books and that’s because I was on the couch in are bonus room for hours strait. That is when my reading stamina started from finishing 500 page books in two weeks went to finishing in two days. I love reading long books and because of that summer I now finish 600 page books in 2-4 days. My schedule for that summer was like; wake up, eat, get ready, watch TV, read for 3-4 hours, eat read 2-3 hours, exercise for 30 minutes, read 1-2 hours, watch TV, eat, play game/ watch movie, shower, read 1-2 hours. Give or take a few hours. I also found out that there where two others series that were add-ons in a way to Percy Jackson and read those two series. That summer I was truly into books.

Now I love books and read for 1-3 hours every day. On the weekends sometimes more. Right now I am at stage where I can’t find any good books series. I love realistic fiction, and fantasy. I especially love series so I can keep going into the story. So last weekend I decided to re-read my favorite book series.

Those books are; Alanna the Song of the Lioness, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Apollo Trails, Harry Potter, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and that’s only what I have so far. I recommend all the series above me. They are some of my favorites because they have action and they draw you in. Some are only for certain audiences though.

So if you can’t finis any books series I recommend asking people you know with similar taste or re-reading some of your favorites. Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Books! (A big part of my life)

  1. I agree so much. A lot of people enjoy reading. I enjoy it but I get distracted very easily. I don’t really like reading.

    1. Yeah that happens. When I found really good books thought it got much easier and much more enjoyable to read.

  2. Reading is a lot of fun! Your schedule was a lot like mine last summer! Great job explaining and drawing readers into this post!

    1. Yeah that happens. I used to do the same thing but when I find really good series it makes it much easier to keep reading Consistently for more then 30 minutes.

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