My Language Arts class has been doing stocks for the past three months. As you can probably tell by now almost all my posts are about something we did in my Language Arts class (LA).

The reason my LA class has been doing stocks is because of a book. Some of you might have heard of the Westing Game? In the Westing Game one of the characters, Turtle Wexler, is interested in stocks so my teacher decided we would do some of our own. And yes her name is Turtle.

Before I continue I should probably tell you what stocks are. Stocks are like buying parts of a company. Think of it this way you have a a lemonade stand and you give a little to your friend that friend pays some money and if your lemonade stand grows they get a bit of the money from the company. Think of it as the lemonade stand has taxes within its price and that tax goes to the person. Once your stock is worth a lot you can sell it and get a lot of money. The bad side is if the company doesn’t do well you lose money.

So anyway there is an app called stocks where you do that and my class made are own little stock table and every week we kept track of our stocks. We didn’t actually invest. We were just seeing what it would be if you actually did invest. So my class each chose their own five stocks and every week we would see if we did this in real life if we gained money or lost money. For me every time except once I lost money.

So what do I think of this project? All in all for me it was not very fun. I mean we did stocks for a few minutes of our reading time one day a week and I much rather do reading time then do some stocks that don’t exist. Yes, it is a useful skill but I rather do it in math class.

The way we kept track of our stocks was we had a chart and it showed a certain stock, what the price was when we ‘bought’ it, what the time and date was and then we had a table for the current price. The time we saw the current price and the current price. So the table I just talked about it not the picture. The picture is all the prices and my stocks. My stocks were Netflix, Tesla, Amazon, Lululemon, and Barnes & Nobles. I chose those stocks because I was familiar with them.

Well thank you for reading my blog post! I hope you understand kinda what a stock is! Have a great day y’all. Laurel out.

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