This is my story Backstage Sabotage. We started these stories in the beginning of the year. My whole class made there own stories with the help of Frances Dowell.

Frances Dowell is author who helped us with our stories. This is her website







Frances Dowell is a published author.

One of the things Frances Dowell helped me and my class with was getting are story started and what to include in are stories. In our stories we had to start with a action opening scene. It doesn’t have to be liked being chased in the woods but it needs to draw the readers in. I started with a prologue filled with drama and then a little like what’s happening to the character. Another thing we need to have in are stories are sticks and stones. They are little problems that take time to be solved leading up the climax. And of course you need to have a climax and conclusion. The climax is the tipping point for your story. Where a bunch of action happens and the conclusion is the end of your story.

When me and my classmates where writing our stories we gave a each other feedback and feedback form Frances Dowell. Some feedback from my classmates I got was I need to draw the reader in which is why I added a prologue and I got a little more thought process from the protagonist. Some feedback Frances Dowell gave me was I did a great job of bringing emotion into the story. When I got that feedback it felt so good!

I finished my story on 3-30-21. My story has 54 pages and goes back in fourth between the protagonist and the antagonist’s point of view. At the beginning when I was writing my story I had writers block and I was not very interested in my book but when I got back into it I wrote a bunch at a time and started making things more interesting and more fun to write. I am hoping to make another book after this one with some of the same characters and I plan to write it over the summer. This is the longest book I have ever written. I am super proud of myself and I definitely going to keep writing.


Here is a short snippet of the beginning of my book.

Kyla Prologue



I stop pacing. All this time I thought I had the person, but no. No. I got it wrong. Oh so very wrong. I pale with fear. The realization sinking in. I look at the door. The saboteur’s door, who is going to get away with it. I shake my head. I need to confront them. No more hiding in the shadows. No more being afraid. They say facing your fears is the best thing to do but I always thought that was an overrated idea. But today has been a day for surprises. I take a breath. I stand tall. I close my eyes. I open them. I push open the door, no hesitation. I’m doing this. For me. For the play. And to make sure they never do it again. They aren’t getting away with it. Not anymore.





 See I was just walking to Art class, minding my own business. And then before I know it, bam! I winded up in a situation I never wanted to be in again.


Just then Julie walks up to me and says, “ Mrs. S needs you in the Drama room.”


“Why?” I Prompted.


“Just follow me,”  Julie turned and walked to the drama room’s direction indicating that I followed.


I wondered in my head, “what did I do?” I tried to scan my memory for anything to do with drama. I mean I didn’t even take drama and I only pass Mrs. S in the hallway. And as suddenly as it started  I pushed open the door and found the drama students staring at me.


Thank you for reading my blog post! I hope you like the snippet of my book. If you want to find out more about Frances Dowell click here


5 thoughts on “My Finished Story (Backstage Sabotage)

  1. Wow,54 pages! The tid bit of your story you shared sounded very interesting and I can only imagine how good the rest of your story must be. I really liked how you explained the steps of writing a story.

  2. I think we you did a good job overall with writing your blog post except for a few parts where it was the wrong word or the wrong version of where/were. I am really excited to read your story because it sounds really good!

    1. Thanks Cate. I also appreciate you telling me that I spelled a couple things wrong. For the future. I can’t wait to read yours to.

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