My class is doing TED Talks. I think most people know what a TED talk is. It’s that website or performance where a speaker gets up and talks about a topic.

Now I know TED talks are a big deal and they take over two years to prepare for them. My class is doing it’s own version. We are doing a TED talk in front of our class.The fun thing is we get to choose the subject. I chose masking emotion.

You are probably wondering what is masking emotion and why did I do a TED talk about it. Honestly I have to say I loved the project but I had no idea what I was going do. I love singing, dancing, acting, reading, and so much more than that but I couldn’t really figure out how to showcase that on a TED talk. So I decided to do something connected to acting. Masking Emotion. Masking Emotion is where you are “acting out” a different emotion then you feel. For example, if you are sad but you don’t want people to know that and you put on a happy face and act happy then you are masking your emotion.

I’m not going to lie when I got up to do my presentation I was kinda nervous. We at least got to have note cards in case we forgot or needed to remember a line. If I could go back or do another TED talk I would probably do one about when to tell when someone is lying. Sounds like a cool topic. 

I also loved watching my classmates talks. There was so much variety. Some people talked about climate change, the effect on sleeping, body language, and one of my friends even talked about her experience with a RV trip. I really loved this project and I hope people get a chance to talk about something they love.


Well until next time. Have a good day y’all. Laurel out.

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